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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Hello Extended Day Families!

Today we did the following outside activities:
- Played soccer on the field outside of the playground
- Painted rocks to go in our flower beds
- Played "Feed the Birds"
- Used large boxes for hiding spaces and for collaborative building

Enjoy your evening!
The Extended Day Team

Monday May 15, 2017
This week's focus is Outdoor Adventures. We will be having Extended Day outside on the playground, weather permitting.

Today we:
- painted rocks to decorate the school garden.
- rode the tricycles on the sidewalk path outside of the playground gate.
- added worm castings and turned over the soil in the raised garden beds on the playground to get them ready for planting Sunflowers and Zucchini.

Our lunchtime books are the Pigeon Series Books by Mo Willems. In today's story, pigeon wants a puppy. When pigeon actually sees the puppy, he quickly changes his mind. Then he wants a walrus.

Have a pleasant evening!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Hello Extended Day Families!

Today we did the following outside activities:
- Performed "Goodnight Owl" on our pavilion using our beautiful bird costumes.
- Rode the trikes on the path outside of our playground.
- Spent some time playing in the outdoor water table.
- Took a group photo on the hillside.

Have a wonderful day!
The Extended Day Team

Tuesday May 9, 2017
Today in Extended Day we......
-created owl headbands 
-practiced drilling in the Woodworking Center
-built with Wedge-its
-glued various seeds on cardboard to design a seed collage

See everyone tomorrow!

Thursday, May 4, 2017
ello Families,
We had a great week in Extended Day talking about birds, nests and eggs!
Activities today included:
-exploring sand, water and mud, and building nests from those materials
-cutting out bird shapes in play dough
-making rice crispy treat nests (yum!)
-using water colors to paint on parachute cloth cut in egg shapes 

Next week our focus book is 'Goodnight Owl' by Pat Hutchins

Have a great weekend!
The Extended Day Team

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hello Extended Day Families!

Today we did the following outside activities:
- Guessed what was inside plastic eggs and then hunted them on the playground.
- Played with the parachute on the field next door the playground.  We imagined that the parachute was a nest and some balls were the eggs.
- We built structures under the pavilion with the Imagination Playground.

Have a wonderful day!
The Extended Day Team

Monday May 1, 2017
This week's focus book is Whose Nest Is This? by Heidi Bee Roemer. Animal parents such as hummingbirds, sea turtles, mice, and bees, make nests in the springtime to get ready for their young. Each nest is unique to the animal depending on their needs, and made from various materials. Can you guess which animal builds which nest?

The activities that supported the story today were:
- creating a nest and birds out of model magic clay, feathers and paper.
- Playing a story game about bird adventures - today we went to Outer Space!
- making rice krispie treat nests in the kitchen.

Have a pleasant evening - stay warm and dry!

Thursday April 26, 2017
Hello Families,
Today was our outside day in Extended. Friends enjoyed
-playing T ball on the hill side
-acting out Rosie's walk with the set pieces and back drop we made this week
-playing 'Count Your Chickens'

Next week's book 'Who's Nest is This?' by Heidi Bee Roemer

Have a great weekend!
Tuesday April 25, 2017
Today in Extended Day we continued preparing for our re-enactment of our focus story, Rosie's Walk.  While practicing the sequence of the story, the friends made headbands to help them play the part of either Rosie( Hen) or the fox.  Some friends helped paint the scenery which included a farm scene with a barn and trees.  The worms joined us for the friends to explore and investigate.  We also offered the worms banana slices to eat!  The newly hatched Green Room butterflies were available for observing, drawing and talking about.

Have a great evening!  See everyone tomorrow.

Monday April 24, 2017
This week's focus book is Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins. Rosie the hen takes a stroll around the farm before dinner. A fox follows her in the hopes that he will get dinner, too. Each time the fox tries to pounce on Rosie, something happens to him and Rosie keeps on strolling. Finally, as Rosie goes through a hole in the fence, the fox leaps over the fence, lands in a wagon and rolls right into a beehive that Rosie has walked under. The bees chase the fox away and Rosie gets home safely.

The activities that supported the story today included:
- painting cardboard prop pieces to use for enacting the story later this week.
- playing a game about position words that are used in the story, such as on, over, through, under, in, etc.

We took a look at the Green Room's pet worms today, and started making some new bedding for them (newspaper, soil, and water). 

Have a pleasant evening. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Hello Extended Day Families,

We had a very exciting adventure in Extended Day today! We walked to the University Center to see the Buggies for the annual CMU Buggy Race. Friends had opportunities to look at different Buggies, ask questions of the designers and even in one case, use chalk on a Buggy!
We also:
-Colored pictures of robots and other animals
-built our own buggies out of LEGO and race them down a track
-take a ride in a real buggy!

We will begin our second week of the Bird Unit next week with the book 'Rosie's Walk' by Pat Hutchins.

Have a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Hello Extended Day Families!

Today we did the following:
- Created Bird Books for future outdoor bird watching
- Played the board game, "Feed the Birds"
- Builded freely with a collection of loose parts, including tree blocks

Have a wonderful day!
The Extended Day Team

Tuesday April 18, 2017

It was such a beautiful day we decided to bring our Extended Day activities outside and enjoy the sunshine.  Some friends practiced throwing a frisbee on the hill side next to the playground. Some friends created birds and bird eggs using colored clay.  After creating their birds and eggs, they shaped a paper bag to make a nest for their bird and eggs.  We brought binoculars to the playground so we could bird watch.  Clipboards and pencils were available to sketch birds.

Have a great evening!

Monday April 17, 2017
This week's focus book is Have You Seen Birds by Joanne Oppenheim and Barbara Reid. This picture book depicts the wide variety of birds seen throughout the year and in various types of habitats (i.e., marsh birds, sea birds, flat-footed fishing birds). The illustrations are clay relief. The activities that supported the book today included:
- making paper bag nests and model magic eggs.
- mixing ingredients to make suet cakes for the birds the live around our playground.
- forming bird shapes out of modeling clay.

Conor's brothers, David and Ryan Handron visited today during our singing tome. David played music on the violin while Ryan read the story of Mole's Music. Ryan and Conor also played their cellos for the friends.

Cora and Lorelei Myers also came to Extended Day today.

It is always wonderful to have Children's School alumna back to visit!!

Tuesday April 11, 2017
Today in Extended Day we........
-played Hide and Seek in the Red Room using the pictures of the animals in our story ( jellyfish, squid,crab,octopus)
-looked at non fiction books about different kinds of crabs and  parts of a crab and created drawings of the crabs from the book
-explored a horseshoe crab and drew a picture of the horseshoe crab

In the kitchen, some Green Room friends created banana boats by cutting a banana in half and filling the banana(boat) with strawberries, blueberries (people).  The friends used a hand mixer to mix whipping cream to add to the boat.

Have a great evening.

Monday April 10,2017
This week's focus book is The Clumsy Crab by Ruth Galloway. Crab is sad because his big claws are always getting in the way. He pops bubbles with his claws when he tries to catch them, he trips over his claws, and he breaks things by accident. One day his friend Octopus gets tangled in some seaweed while playing Hide and Seek. Crab has an idea. He uses his claws to tear and cut the seaweed until Octopus is free. Crab may be clumsy now, but he is learning how to use his claws to do good things.

The activities that supported the story today were:
- trying to pop bubbles in the Reflection Garden using various claw-like tools.
- practicing fine motor skills  while picking up small treasures with a variety of tweezers.
- making paper plate crabs.

Thursday April 6, 2017
Today in Extended Day we continued activities planned around our focus book, "The Snail and The Whale".  Some of the choices included.....

-completing the writing prompt "One day when I was whale watching I saw....".  After completing their story, the friends illustrated their story
-finishing stamping our puzzle pieces so we could assemble our homemade whale puzzle
-playing the cooperative game, Snails Pace Race

Next weeks focus book is "The Clumsy Crab" by  Ruth Galloway.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Hello Extended Families!

Today we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine on the playground for some extended time:

- We rolled, tossed, and kicked beach balls.
- The imagination playground was a great time to build a sturdy house.
- Running, jumping and climbing was extra special since we had some time colliding with the Kindergarten's play time.

Have a wonderful evening!
Extended Day Team

Monday April 3, 2017
This week's focus book is The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson and with pictures by Axel Scheffler. A small snail wants to see the world, so he leaves a snail trail message on a rock asking for a ride. He hitches the ride on the tail of a kind humpback whale. The adventures are everything the snail ever dreamed of. Alas one day, the whale gets lost and beached at low tide. The snail is able to crawl to a nearby school and make another snail trail message on a blackboard: "Save the whale." The children and teachers keep the whale cool and wet until the tide comes in and the snail and the whale make it back to the deeper water. When the snail returns home to her rock, she and the whale tell the other snails all about the adventure. Soon all of the snails hop on the whale's tale and off they all go to see the world.

The activities that supported the story today were:
- playing the game Snail's Pace race.
- making snails out of Model Magic dough.
- dripping colored glue on paper to make snail trails.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Hello Extended Families!

Our activities for the day included:

- Creating handprint fish with metallic paint, glitter, and crepe paper seaweed
- Stuffed our "Big Al" paper fish
- Made yummy tortilla/cheese snacks
- Created words with letter tiles
- Drew "Big Al" on paper

Enjoy your evening!
Extended Day Team

Monday March 27, 2017

This week's focus book is Big Al by Andrew Clements. Big Al is very big and very, very scary looking, especially to the smaller fish in his sea neighborhood. One couldn't find a friendlier fish, though. It seemed that all of the other fish had at least one friend, but not Al. He was lonely. He tried disguising himself, making himself smaller, and being funny, but nothing worked. One day Big Al was watching some other fish and wishing they would come closer, when suddenly they were scooped up by a big net. Big Al did not hesitate. He swam toward the net and broke it so the fish could escape. Alas, he got caught in the net. The other fish were worried, until, "SPLASH!" The fishermen took one look at Al and threw him back in. From then on, Big Al and all of the fish had great days together.

The activities that supported the story today were:
- drawing pictures and dictating stories about Big Al and other ocean fun.
- having a "Fish Fry" in the kitchen. The children used ocean cookie cutters to cut fish and other shapes from tortillas. Then they spread on butter and sprinkled on Parmesan cheese. The fish were baked and and enjoyed by all!
- painting 2 sides of a very, very big Big Al. He will be stuffed tomorrow to make a 3D fish sculpture.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Hello Extended Families!

Our activities for the day included:

- Creating sand art with falling glue and sand shakers
- Continuing our "Swimmy" mural
- Playing "Fish Trap", a fun physical activity, as well as, "Fish, Fish, Shark"!
- We enjoyed singing, "1,2,3,4,5 - I caught a fish alive!"

Enjoy your evening!
Extended Day Team

Tuesday March 21, 2017
Today in Extended Day we.......

-created jelly fish using various colorful ribbons glued to body (semi circle) of jelly fish
-painted fish using textured rollers
-created shapes and designs on geoboards
-finished making sand art centerpieces by pouring colored sand through a funnel into a mason jar.  Some of the friends created color patterns in their jar.  The sand art centerpieces created by The Children's School Extended Day friends will be used for a campus event in the near future.

Have a wonderful evening.  Enjoy the warm weather!


This week's focus book is Swimmy by Leo Lionni. Swimmy can swim faster than the rest of the little fish in his school. One bad day, a Tuna comes along and swallows the whole school of fish in one bite, except for Swimmy. He gets away. Swimmy meets many wonderful ocean creatures as he explores the ocean, but he is longing for another school of fish to swim with. One day he finds a school of small fish hiding. They are afraid of the big Tuna. Swimmy teaches them to swim in a group and form the shape of a large fish. They work together to move through the water, scaring away the big Tunas as they go. Today's activities that complemented the book were:
- playing the card game Go Fish.
- blowing bubbles on our hands and talking about how bubbles are formed.
- making group colored sand sculptures.
We sang the songs Down By The Ocean and Tiny Tim.

Thursday, March 9, 2017
Hello Extended Day Families!

We concluded our Theatre unit today with theses activities:

-Acting out the story of Douglas the Dog and how he gets adopted
-Playing with Bristle Blocks
-Making 'dog' treats (sugar cookies for people)
-Playing with float
-building with blocks 
-working in the art and writing center 

When we return from Spring break (week of March 20-23) we will be starting our Ocean unit and the first book is 'Swimmy' by Leo Lionni.

Hope to see everyone tonight at the Family Festival 4:30-6:30pm

Have great break!

The Extended day team

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Hello Extended families!

Our activities for the day included:

- Playing, "Doggie, Doggie, Where's Your Bone?"
- Making "dog treats" in the kitchen
- Practicing some cool sound effects on various kinds of surfaces
- Enjoying the texture of moon sand

Have a great night!

Extended Day Team

Tuesday March 7, 2017
Hello Extended families!

We continued our discussion of Bernadette Peters 'Broadway Barks' today and the activities included:

-Playing in an Animal Shelter, adopting dogs and cats
-Making dog collars
-Acting out the story of 'Broadway Barks' on stage
-Working on puzzles
-Playing with Bristle Blocks

Monday March 6, 2017
This week's focus book is Broadway Barks by Bernadette Peters, and illustrated by Liz Murphy. In this sweet story, a dog-who-used-to-be-called-Douglas finds himself living on his own in the park. No one even says "Good dog, Douglas" anymore. He befriends a lady (Bernadette Peters) who eventually takes him to the Broadway Barks adopt-a-thon. The dog sings (howls) and dances (jumps) on the stage, and everyone claps and cheers. Finally, he is adopted by a young girl named Isabel, who gives him a safe, happy home and a new name. When he does a little dance after dinner, he hears, "Good dog, Kramer" and all is well.

"Broadway Barks is a pet adopt-a-thon that has been held every year in New York City since 1998, when it was founded by Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore. Each summer, members of the Broadway acting community gather in the heart of New York's theater district to offer for adoption dogs and cats from local shelters. The event raises funds to help animal shelters and fosters awareness of the importance of caring for all the animals we keep as pets." 
- from Broadway Barks book jacket

The activities that supported the story today were:
- practicing fine motor skills while playing the Feed The Dog Game. Children used small tweezers to grip tiny bones and put them in the dogs' mouths.
- pretending to be dog actors on the Green Room Stage. The game is called Kids On Stage, but for today it was Dogs On Stage. The children spun a spinner to find out how many places to move on a large game board. If they landed on a red spot, they chose a red card and enacted an Action. If they chose a blue card they enacted an animal. If the audience guessed correctly, the actor barked their appreciation.
- creating mask disguises.

Look at past blog entries here: 

Have a pleasant evening.  

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Hello to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed the following activities:
- Practicing dance moves based on everyday activities and familiar animals
- Trying to leap as far as we could in the style of a graceful ballet dancer
- Using a new gadget called, "Yonana" to make natural fruit "ice cream" from bananas, mangos, and blueberries
- Our wonderful Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Armbruster, performed a lovely ballet dance in her beautiful ballet tutu!  She even showed us how to lace on her pointe shoes that allow her to stand on the very top of her toes - WOW!

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Teachers

Monday February 27, 2017
This week's focus book is Angelina Ballerina by Katharine Holabird. Angelina Mouseling loves to dance - all the time and everywhere! She dreams of being a famous ballerina. Mr. and Mrs. Mouseling decide that it is time for her to take ballet lessons. Once she begins practicing every day at the ballet school, she is able to listen better at home and at school. Angelina works very hard at her craft and eventually becomes Mademoiselle Angelina, the famous ballerina. People come from far and wide to enjoy her lovely dancing.

The activities that supported the story today were:
- playing the circle game Mouse Trap in the Red Room.
- creating small puppets that have holes to put fingers through so that the fingers look like the puppet's legs.
- continuing to build Mini Stages in the Woodworking Center.

Thursday February 23, 2016
Hello Extended Day Families

We had a great week in Extended dancing away
Activities today included:

-Tap dancing from visiting artist and work study Jaclyn
-Boogying down in a freeze dance
-Building with magnet cars
-Building small theatres out of wood
-Squishing play dough
-Playing with animals and blocks

Next week book is 'Angelina Ballerina' by Katherine Holabird. Have a great weekend!
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hello to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed an unusual schedule of events:

- After being welcomed into our school and spending free time in our morning programs, we split into our extended day group for some time in the Discovery Area and Green Room.
-  We took a walk on campus to the University Center.  What a fun adventure!
-  We spent time in a dance studio with some members of the ATTACK THEATER.
-  We practiced visual prompts to cue us to stand, sit, and freeze!
-  We moved across the floor using BIG movements, SLOW movements, WATER movements... and other original ways.
-  We enjoyed the beautiful weather outside on our playground.
-  Peacefully enjoyed our lunch.

Enjoy this Spring-like February weather!
The Extended Day Team

Tuesday February 21,2017
This weeks book, "Song and Dance Man" by Karen Ackerman tells the story of a Grandpa telling his grandchildren about his vaudeville days on stage.  He takes his grandchildren to the attic where an old trunk contains the grandfathers memories from his days performing on stage.  Some of the items in the trunk were: bowler hats, top hats,vests with stripes, bow toes and tap shoes.  He told his grandchildren of the good old days, before television, when he entertained on stage singing, dancing, telling jokes and performing magic.

During activity time some of the friends tap danced on the Green Room stage while wearing top hats, holding canes and wearing bowties just like the grandfather in the story.
Some friends made their own bowties and hats, while others built mini stages in the Woodworking Area.

Mrs Armbruster (Kindergarten teacher), joined us and brought along her tap shoes. The friends took a close look at her shoes and the metal taps on the bottom.  She taught the friends a few of the steps used when tapping and some of the songs she sings while tapping.  She ended her time with us by performing tap dance.

See everyone tomorrow!

February 16, 2017
Hello Extended Day Families,

Our activities today included
-acting out the story of Chicken Little
-Creating with Play dough
-Building with bristle blocks
-playing a RHYMING game
-making books about Chicken Little

Next week's book is 'Song and Dance Man' by Karen Ackerman

See you next week!

The Extended Day Team

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Hello to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed the following activities:

- We used our dramatic side of our personalities to perform, "Chicken Little"
- Some friends created crowns as king and queen costumes
- Characters were created using figurines
- Corn fritters were our kitchen creations, inspired by chicken cuisine: CORN!

Have a wonderful evening!
Extended Day Team

Tuesday February 14, 2017
Today in Extended Day we .......
-continued to make bird wings in preparation for our performance of "Chicken Little"
-sorted, counted and gathered acorns while strengthening our fine motor skills
-pretended with  a barn and farm animals
-completed farm puzzles

 Some of the 3 Blue and Red Room friends made corn fritters in the kitchen and tasted them at lunch time.

Monday February 13, 2017
This week's focus book is the story of Chicken Licken. This old folk tale has many versions, but the basic story goes like this:
Chicken Licken (or Chicken Little) thinks that the sky is falling when an acorn falls on
his head (or tail). On his way to tell the king about the disaster, he meets other birds, who all eventually join him in the notion that the sky is falling. Turkey Lurkey, Gander Lander, Goosey Loosey, Drake Lake, Duck Luck, Cluck Luck, Henny Penny and Chicken Licken soon meet Foxy Woxy, who offers to show them the way to the king. Instead, he takes them to his hole and eats them. In another version, there is no Foxy Woxy, and the king finds the acorn in Chicken Licken's tail feathers. The birds all laugh and then make their way home.

The activities that supported the story today were:
- making bird wings and fox tails to use as costumes when we enact the story on the stage later in the week.
- playing Rhyming Bingo.

We sang Down By The Bay and I Had A Rooster at pre-lunch singing time. Both songs have animal rhymes in them.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Hello to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed the following activities:

- We used our own costumes in our rehearsal performance of "Little Red Riding Hood"
- Some friends worked behind the scenes on our stage crew
- Others worked in the "Box Office" preparing and selling tickets, as well as programs
- The friends who worked in the kitchen mixed ingredients to make banana muffins

Have a wonderful evening!
Extended Day Team

Tuesday February 7, 2017
Today in Extended Day we continued preparing for our performance of Little Red Riding Hood.  We held tryouts on the Green Room stage and cheered on our actors after delivering outstanding performances of Little Red, the Woodcutter, the wolf, and Grandmother.
Some friends helped to create programs and tickets for the performance.  Some friends worked the box office answering phones and entering ticket orders into the computer. 
We gathered our musicians to practice playing various instruments to help tell our story.

We will begin performing the story tomorrow.
Extended Day Team

Monday February 6, 2017
This week's focus book is The Bunny Play by Loreen Leedy. A group of bunnies wants to put on a musical play about Little Red Riding Hood. There is a job for every bunny: acting, singing, dancing, directing, building scenery, making costumes, and playing in
the band. They write scripts, have tryouts, collect props, rehearse lines and songs, practice music, and make posters, programs and tickets. Finally the musical is ready. The audience gathers and is treated to a wonderful performance. They clap and the actors take a bow! 

Extended Morning will spend our week getting ready for and performing our own Little Red Riding Hood play.
The activities that supported the story today were:
- using markers to create a "woods" scene and a "house" scene for the play.
- making Red Riding Hood, Wolf, Woodcutter, and Grandma headbands as costumes for the play.
- baking muffins in the kitchen to "deliver to Grandma's house". 

All of the children are eager to enact the story!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Greetings to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed the following activities:

- Using some of our stuffed animals to play "Pet Shop"
- Decoupaging wooden blocks to create dominoes
- Using hand drills in our make shop
- Squeezing Floam in our hands

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Team

Monday January 30, 2017
This week's focus book is One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth. Percy the Park Keeper lives in a hut in the park. He is friendly to all of the animals that live around him. One particularly cold, snowy night, Percy welcomes several animals into his hut to get out of the freezing cold. They all try to squish into the bed with him. When the animals hear a scary sound coming from the floor, they all run and hide. Alas, it is just a little mole, coming up for some warmth. As Percy tells the animals that everything is okay, he discovers that they have all found safe places to sleep elsewhere in the hut, leaving the bed all to Percy (and the little mole). 

The activities that supported the story today were:
- imagining and dictating stories with the prompt, "One Snowy Night...".
- playing some different games of Dominoes.

Some friends began a Woodworking Project in the Make Shop of making animal dominoes. Each child measured and sawed a six inch piece of wood, sanded it, and made a line at the three inch mark (midway) of their wood piece. During the rest of the week, the children will decoupage an animal picture on each side. We will have a classroom set of Animal Dominoes when everyone has done their part!

Thursday January 26, 2017
Hello Extended Day Families,

We had a great week learning more about Animals in Winter, especially about foxes. Today's activities included

-Exploring the wood working tools in the Make Shop
-Building trees on paper with glue and toothpicks
-Experimenting with light and shadow with our shadow screen
-Working on zippers, snaps, buttons and lacing with our Dress Up Bears

Next week's book is 'One Snowy Night' by Nick Butterworth.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday January 24, 2017
Today in Extended Day we......

-played a winter clothing memory tray
-used a printing screen to design various shaped prints
-practiced using drills in the Make Shop.  The friends re-used old puzzle pieces to practice drilling a hole.
-hammered nails into a log

See everyone tomorrow.

Monday January 23, 2017
This week's focus book is Fox's Dream by Tejima. Fox is cold, hungry and alone in a wintery forest. He imagines that he sees animals of ice  nestled in the frozen trees. He closes his eyes and dreams about a warm spring day when he enjoyed time with his mother, brothers and sisters. When he wakes, he is still alone in the frozen forest. As he walks, and daylight begins, he spies a another fox, a vixen. The foxes nuzzle in the sunshine - soon it will be spring.

The activities that supported the story today included:
- painting with colored  ice.
- making silk screen prints, similar to the printed illustrations in the book.

The three year old friends had a turn doing woodworking in the Make Shop today. The Make Shop activities included drilling holes in large, old puzzle pieces with hand drills and braces and bits; hammering nails into the Hammering Log with real hammers; and hammering golf tees into styrofoam blocks with plastic hammers. All of the children will get a turn doing woodworking in the Make Shop this week.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Greetings to our Extended Day Families!

Our focus book this week is, "The Hat" by Jan Brett.

In Jan Brett's well-loved book, The Hat, Hedgie the hedgehog discovers the wisdom of the adage "Don't go poking your nose where it doesn't belong" only after curiosity gets this prickly fellow in a pickle. When Lisa's red-and-white woolen stocking blows off the clothesline, Hedgie finds it and sticks his nose inside, only to discover his prickles prevent him from pulling out of it. Soon all the farm animals are coming around to chuckle at silly Hedgie's stocking cap. But in the end, nimble-witted Hedgie gets the last laugh.

Today we enjoyed the following activities:

- Using our memories to recall winter-themed items as they are hidden and one-by-one removed from a tray.
- Placing numbered clothing cards in order on the clothesline.
- Snipping folded tortillas, then opening them to reveal a beautiful edible snowflake - with the addition of sugar and cinnamon, it's a wonderful wintery treat!

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Team

Thursday January 12, 2017
Hello Extended Day families!
We had a great week in Extended Day playing with bears and snow and discussing 'Bear Snores On.'  Activities today included:

-Making bear headbands
-Performing with our shadow puppets behind the SHADOW screen
-Being good audience members while we watched the shadow play
-Making Sun Butter Bears in the kitchen

Next week our book is 'The Hat' by Jan Brett.

Have a great weekend, see you Tuesday

The Extended Day Team
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Greetings to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed the following activities:

- Continued coloring, cutting, and assembling our shadow puppets for our performance tomorrow
- Spent time in the kitchen creating bread-banana bears... YUM!
- Told stories around a play fire while "brewing" tea in our kettle pot
- Bristle blocks were a great material to build according to our imagination!

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Team

Tuesday January 10, 2017
Today in Extended Day we continued activities planned around our focus book, "Bear Snores On".
Some of the fun included:

-working together to decorate a lair (box) for a bear.  The friends cut and glued brown paper and cotton balls for the snow.
-exploring a Zoomy ( a handheld digital microscope) while discovering a closer look at various materials including an ice cube, glitter, frozen banana slices, and seashells.
-building lairs using foam blocks and placing our stuffed animal bears inside for a their sleep
-coloring paper puppets of the animals from our story.  We will use the puppets to tell the story tomorrow.

See everyone tomorrow!

This week's focus book is Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson. A great brown bear is busy hibernating, snoring on and on through the long, cold winter. Some other animals who are not hibernating seek shelter in the bear's lair. They share tea, popcorn and  honey-nuts as they chatter on and party around a campfire. All the while bear snores on, until a small pepper fleck tickles his nose and makes him sneeze. He is grouchy and growly as he wakes up, but then he feels sad that he has missed the party. His friends make more tea and popcorn and they all enjoy some time together. The next day, bear can't sleep, but his friends snore on!

The activities that supported the story today were:
- building caves out of large pieces of material and pretending to be bears hibernating.
- making small dens for animals out of Duplo blocks, adding cotton balls for snow.
- folding paper and using scissors to cut out small pieces to create a snowflake pattern.

Some friends made Bear Faces out of bread, sun butter, bananas and raisins. Everyone will get a turn to be in the kitchen this week!

Thursday, January 5, 2017
Good Afternoon,
We had a great week back in extended discussing snow, snowmen, sledding and all things fun in winter!

Activities in the green room today included:
-Playing 'Break the Ice' a game of anticipation as players tap out cubes of ice from a frame
-Decorating our indoor snowman
-Cutting out and decorating fun hats and glasses 
-Playing in the toboggan 
-Exploring pretend snow

Next week's book is 'Bear Snores On' by Karma Wilson

Have a great night and enjoy the snow!

The Extended Day Team

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Greetings to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed the following activities:

- Scooping Insta-Sno and digging around with twigs
- Using white paint and small paint brushes to create a snowy winter scene
- Piecing together paper snowmen
- Cutting beautifully symmetrical snowflakes

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Team

Tuesday January 3, 2017
Happy New Year to our Extended Day families!

We do not have a focus book this week and, instead, are transitioning into the New Year by sharing various stories about winter, snow, animals and snowmen. Our activities today included:

-building forts using cardboard blocks and throwing snowballs(crumpled up newspaper balls) to knock down the structures
-practicing using scissors and glue when cutting out pictures of a hedgehog, bunny and bear and gluing them to paper
-exploring Instasnow and animals 
-creating art with dobbers



Monday December 4, 2016
This week's focus book is Iggy Peck, Architect  by Andrea Beaty. Iggy has one passion: building. His parents are proud of his fabulous creations, though they’re sometimes surprised by the materials he uses to build. Iggy builds with pancakes, apples, mud pies and even diapers! It is difficult for Iggy to not be able to build all day when he goes to school. One day, when his class is on a field trip, a bridge breaks and it is Iggy that is able to gather the odd materials needed and inspire the other children to build a suspension bridge so everyone can get home. 

The activities that supported the book today were:
- designing and building with toothpicks and model magic play dough.
- using tools to make a design. The children used a compass, a protractor, yardsticks and rulers. 

The Green Room Architecture Studio was open for play.

Tomorrow is Open House for the 4 year olds friends. (3's is Thursday.) See you there!

Have a pleasant evening.

Thursday December 1, 2016
Today was our outside day and we toughed it out for a half hour on the playground!
Activities outside included:
-Building 'Mary Anne' the steam shovel with the Imagination Playground
-Working with construction vehicles in the sand box
-Helping close up our gardening area

We read two 'Otis' books by Loren Long and ate our healthy lunches.

Next week's book is 'Iggy Peck Architect' by Andrea Beaty.

4s PARENTS, remember our OPEN HOUSE is this coming Tuesday December 6 from 12pm-1pm.  Bring a lunch and hope to see you there!

3s PARENTS, our OPEN HOUSE is next Thursday December 8 from 12pm-1pm... Bring a lunch and hope to see you there!

Have a great weekend
The Extended Day Team

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Greetings to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed the following activities:

- Continuing to build our "steam shovel" using tape... then lifting and lowering the scooper to pick 
   up a load
- We worked hard to create an illustrated story of building
- Using shapes, we created steam shovels with red construction paper
- We enjoyed using other various building materials

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Team

Tuesday November 29, 2016
Hello Extended Day Families, We continue our reading and discussion of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton. Activities in the Green room today included: -Painting our own 'Mary Anne' make from recycled parts -Moving to music as an excavator and pretending to be parts of buildings -Exploring play dough with mini construction trucks and rocks -Building towers and counting with peg boards -Some friends had a turn building in the wood working area. Have a great afternoon!
The Extended Day Team

Monday November 28. 2016
This week's focus book is Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton. In this classic story, Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel named Mary Anne are very successful diggers. Alas, they are phased out in favor of the newer, bigger, and more powerful diggers. Mike wants to be useful, so he asks a small town if he can dig the foundation (cellar) for their new town hall. They agree and he digs the hole in one day!! Mike and Mary Anne have just one important job left to do - Mary Anne becomes the furnace for the Town Hall, and Mike becomes the building's caretaker. The activities that supported the story today were: - digging out the four corners of a pretend cellar with construction vehicles. - drawing with markers attached to vehicles. - making designs and trying to create them in the woodworking center. Have a pleasant evening.

Healthy Mind and Body
Tuesday November 22, 2016
Today, we spent our Extended Day time outside.  Some of the outdoor fun included:
-playing charades....acting out animals or motions in front of an audience ready with guesses
-kicking soccer balls in the field next to the playground
-rolling down the big hill next to the playground
-practicing our hand eye coordination while completing table top magnet mazes

During the month, Jaclyn Zois, a CMU undergraduate student, has joined our Extended Day to share her stories and activities about mindfulness.  She taught the children a couple breathing exercises that everyone has been practicing throughout the month. To learn more about mindfulness with children and about Jaclyn, be sure to take a look at Dr Carver's upcoming December Newsletter.
 A few parents have asked that we share the breathing techniques, so here they are......( your children can demonstrate them for you!)

*Flower Breaths: *
Place your hands on your lap - as you take a deep breath in, bring your
finger tips together, closing your flower; as you take a deep breath out,
open your fingers, and thus your flower.

*Balloon Breaths: *
As you breath in, lift your arms above your head, touching your hands
together; then as you breath out, let th
e air out of your balloon, opening
your arms.

Also, Below are some of the wonderful books about mindfulness Jaclyn shared with the children.  "Lemonade Hurricane" was a definite favorite!!

*The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation *by Licia
-*Wemberly Worried *by Kevin Henkes
-*The Way I Feel
*by Janan Cain
-*Silence* by Lemniscates
-*Charlotte and the Quiet Place *by Deborah Sosin
-*Visiting Feelings *by Lauren Rubenstein
*Take the Time: Mindfulness for Kids *by Maud Rogiers


Monday November 21, 2016
Our stories this week focus on Thanksgiving. In one circle today, the children heard Thank You, Thanksgiving, and practiced writing Thank You cards. In another circle the children heard The Doorbell Rang, a story about sharing food. The activities available today included:
- preparing pretend meals in the Dramatic Play kitchen.
- painting with feathers.
- decorating invitations to our Extended Morning Open House events.
- building with the large foam blocks.


4's Extended Day Open House 
Tuesday December 6 
12noon to 1pm  

3's Extended Day Open House 
Thursday December 8 
12noon to 1pm 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Greetings to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed the following activities:

- Preparing Apple Crisp in the kitchen
- Putting together "Healthy Breakfast" puzzles
- Tasting grains: corn, rice, oats
- Peeling, slicing, and building banana sculptures

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Team

Tuesday November 15, 2016
Today in Extended Day we....

-practiced our relaxation techniques...flower and balloon breathing 
-discussed various foods in the Grain food group and graphed our favorite
-experimented with baking soda and vinegar to create an erupting volcano
-pretended to be veterinarians and cared for our stuffed animals while discussing how to keep them healthy
In the kitchen, we used the choppers ( "two hands on the top....chop,chop, chop!) to cut up apples.  Tomorrow, we will add  the remaining ingredients to make our apple crisp.

Monday November 14, 2016
This week's focus book is You Are What You Eat. The large photographs and simple text in this Big Book address four important questions for preschoolers:

What helps us grow?
What does food give us?
What are the different types of food?
Why do we need food?

The activities that supported the book today included:
- tracing different pretend foods and putting them together to form a large silhouette of a human body.
- using the apple peeling machine to peel apples in preparation for making Apple Crisp.
- practicing breathing techniques and yoga poses with Jackie, our Mindfulness Coach.

Have a wonderful evening.
Thursday, November 10, 2016
Hello Extended Day Families!

Today was our OUTSIDE day in Extended.  What beautiful weather we had!  Activities included:
-Walking across the balance beam and stretching our legs
-making pretzels, stretching and rolling dough
-blowing bubbles
-sliding, building, running and playing in the sunshine

Next week's book is 'You are What You Eat'

Have a great weekend,
The Extended Day Team

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Greetings to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed the following activities:
- In the kitchen, the 3's enjoyed preparing soft pretzels by rolling and stretching dough
- Making and stretching silly putty of various colors
- Practicing stretching rubber bands onto geoboards
- Singing "Love Grows One by One"

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Team

Thursday November 3, 2016
Hello Extended Day Families!
We had a great week in Extended day. We will continue our discussion of Healthy Mind and Body next week with the book 'Stretch' by Doreen Cronin and Scott Menchin.

Today's activities included:
-practicing brushing teeth using shaving and dental floss on pretend teeth
-learning how to and practicing 'flower breaths'
-making healthy juice using our juicer in the kitchen
-exploring the Green Room Sensory Station
-Playing healthy food BINGO

Have a great weekend, see you Monday in Extended Day!

The Extended Day Team

Monday October 31, 2016
This week's focus book is Dr. DeSoto by William Steig. A mouse named Dr. Desoto is a dentist who treats animals large and small, but none that are dangerous to mice. When a fox with a bad toothache asks Dr. DeSoto for help, he and Mrs. Desoto decide to treat him, but they do take precautions so that they won't be eaten. The activities that supported the story today were:
- measuring toothbrushes with various non-standard measures such as mini-pumpkins and cats, and small rubber mice and insects.
- using toothbrushes as a painting tool. the children discovered ways to make different paint marks on their paper.
- participating in Mindfulness activities in the Red Room with Jaclyn.

Happy Halloween everyone! have fun and stay safe!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Greetings to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed the following outdoor activities:

- Creating Imagination Playground structures
- Testing various distances and materials with a catapult
- Watching a demonstration of the combo: Diet Coke/Mentos... an explosion of sticky fizz!
- Hammering golf tees into a pumpkin with plastic hammers
- Freely running and playing in the cool, but sunny, fall day 

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Team

Monday October 24, 2016
This week's focus book is I Want To Go To The Moon with words and music by Tom Saunders. The pictures are by Cynthia Nugent. This engaging story-song is about Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon. Neil's fascination with the moon begins when he is a baby. All through childhood and young adult life, he pursues his dream of going to the moon even though everyone says "You'll never go to the moon, Neil." The last verse of the story-song is:

"You made it to the moon,Neil.
You made it to the moon.
You did what you said and you said what you did,
and you made it to the moon."

Listen to the whole story-song here:

The activities that supported the story today were:
- decorating paper rockets and blasting them off to the moon. The rockets were powered by air in a balloon attached to the bottom of a straw on a string. The rockets were attached to the top of the straw. As the air came out of the balloon the rockets soared up and across the green room to the moon at the window.
- building space ships with the No Ends building pieces. 

It is Woodworking Week in Extended Day. This week the Green Room friends are designing and building their own Rockets using wood pieces and hammers and nails. The Red and Blue Room friends will do an introduction to hammering this week using pretend hammers and golf tees.

Have a pleasant evening.

Thursday October 20, 2016
Happy Thursday,
We had another great week in extended day! Today activities included:

-exploring with ramps, block and balls
-building with Lincoln Logs
-playing with people, animals and tree blocks
-fixing bikes and cars with tools in Dramatic Play
-Making MEGAPHONES just like the 'little basset hound' in our book 'The Baobab Car'
-playing with play dough

Next week is our last week of TRANSPORTATION and our focus book is 'I Want to Go to the Moon' by Tom Saunders.

Have a great evening!

The Extended Day Team

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Greetings to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed the following activities:

- Working with clay in the Make Shop
- Creating seed collages with the first letter of our name
- Playing the parking lot game
- Manipulating floam
- Creating original art work

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Team

Tuesday October 18, 2016

Hello Families!
Today was an OUTSIDE day for us in Extended.  Activities included:
-playing with RAMPS and BALLS on the hillside
-exploring clay
-counting and sorting seeds
-rejoicing in the new sand in our sandbox!

Have a wonderful afternoon
The extended Day Team

Monday October 17, 2016
This week's focus book is The Baobab Car by Jacqueline Held and Arnaud Lavel. Once there was a man-who-never-cleaned-his-car. He loved his dogs, so the car was full of dog hair; he loved taking his friends for rides, so they all got in the car with muddy feet; he loved going to the beach, so sand and water from his bathing suit got into the car. One day some seeds blew in through the open windows, and a baobab tree grew in the sand-mud-dog hairs. The man-who-never-cleaned-his-car didn't care. He cut a hole in the car roof and removed his garage roof to allow the tree to grow as large as it could. The man-who-never-cleaned-his-car (and his dogs) loved the Baobab Car!

The activities that supported the story today included:
- playing with cars, dogs and big branches in the Green Room Mechanics Shop in the Green Room Dramatic Play Center
- building baobab trees with twigs, acorns and leaves in a mud-sand mixture.

This week everyone will get some extra time in the Makeshop working with gray clay. Some friends put sticks in the clay to try to make some trees.

Have a pleasant evening.

Thursday October 13, 2016
Today's activities included:
- playing the Big and Little Game. Friends had a chance to sort objects according to size.
- creating a boat out of scrap materials. The boats were each inventive and unique!
- pretending to fight fires in the Green Room Dramatic Play Center. Some friends drove the fire truck, while others put on fire fighter suits and used water tanks, hoses and other equipment to put out the flames and keep everyone safe.

Next week's focus book is The Baobab Car by Jacqueline Held and Arnaud Lavel.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Sunny "Hello" to our Extended Day Families!

Today was a beautiful sunny day!  We enjoyed the following activities outside on the playground:

- We tested our strength in a game of Tug-of-war!
- We put our tricycles away and tried out the scooters around our track.
- We continued making a yummy banana snack with sunbutter and raisins.
- The water table was open for business.
- The Imagination Playground was its usual popular activity.

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Team

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Greetings Families,
We had an exciting day in Extended! We continued our discussion of Mr. Gumpy's Outing and transportation. Activities today included:
-Making a banana boat like Mr Gumpy's and counting out each friend on the boat... we made it to twelve!
-Building with bristle blocks
-Squishing and rolling play dough
-played in a fire engine
-created with gears
-sorted animals by color
-rocked in a boat and sang 'Row Row Row your Boat"

We will have our outside day tomorrow
Have a good night!

The Extended Day Team

Monday October 10, 2016
This week's focus book is Mr. Gumpy's Outing by John Burningham. Mr. Gumpy lives by a river and enjoys time in his boat. One day, some children come along and ask if they can come for a ride. Mr. Gumpy agrees as long as they "don't squabble". Soon different animals appear and ask to come along. Once again, Mr. Gumpy agrees as long as everyone behaves in the boat. The ride is peaceful until the children squabble, the rabbit hops about, the cat chases the rabbit, the dog teases the cat, the pig mucks about, the sheep bleats, the chickens flap, the calf tramples about, the goat kicks, AND the boat tips. Everyone swims to the river bank and joins Mr. Gumpy for tea!

The activities today included:
- playing the role of the different characters in a hilarious re-enactment of the story. 
- rocking with friends in a wooden rocking boat.

Some friends made Banana Boats in the kitchen today by spreading sun butter on a half of a banana, and adding one raisin for each character on the boat (12 in all). All of the friends will make banana boats this week.

Have a great evening.

Thursday October 6, 2016
Because of the scheduled rally outside of Margaret Morrison, we were unable to have our extended day outside day on our playground.  Instead, we walked to the hillside beside the tennis courts and enjoyed:

-tossing, catching and rolling tennis balls
-rolling small hoops down the hillside
-playing Duck, Duck, Goose
-throwing frisbees

Our focus book next week is "Mr Gumpy's Outing" by John Burningham

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Hello to our Extended Day Families!

Today was a wonderfully busy day! We enjoyed the following activities:
- The Train Table
- Creating Trains out of different paper shapes
- Animals in Blocks
- Playing with people in the Tree Blocks
- Play Dough
- Listening to Stories
- The friends who cooked in the kitchen made small wheel pizzas!

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Team

Tuesday October 4, 2016

Today in Extended Day we.......

-explored the train table in the Green Room Dramatic Play Center
-experimented moving heavy objects while telling ourselves,  "I think I can", "I think I can" just like The Engine That Could
- used scooters and a dolly to help move heavy objects and discovered wheels make it easier to move things that are heavy
-built trains with magnetic cars

Some of the friends made pizza spirals in the kitchen and enjoyed tasting them at lunch.

See everyone tomorrow!

Monday October 3, 2016
Happy Monday!

This week's focus book is the classic tale of The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper. The engine on a train carrying toys and food for children broke down just before climbing a tall mountain. Several engines passed by the train and refused to help because they were "too important". Finally a small engine sees the train in trouble and stops to ask how she can help. It is very hard work, but she puffs and chugs slowly up the mountain, pulling the train and chanting "I think I can, I think I can...".  The train makes it over the top and chugs down the other side to the waiting children, all the while chanting "I thought I could, I thought I could...."

The activities that supported the story today were:
- printing with different sized wheels and circle shapes.
- putting together train tracks for the trains to use.

Some friends went to the kitchen today to cook Pizza Pinwheels! Everyone will get a chance in the kitchen sometime this week or next.

See this and past posts on the Extended Day Blog here:

Have a pleasant evening.

Friendship and Community

Thursday September 29, 2016
Hello Families,

Today in extended day we....
-Made crowns
-had a real tea party and munched on animal crackers
-played with kings, knights and queens in castles
-used our strong hands to stamp animal stamps on paper
-build structures for zoo animals in the block corner

It was a busy day!

Next week our book is 'The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper and illustrated by Loren Long.

Have a fabulous weekend!
The Extended Day Team

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Hello to our Extended Day Families!

Today was a beautiful, sunny day!  We enjoyed our activities outside on the playground:

- Lots of different bubble wands
- Hitting balls off of tees in our grassy field beside the playground
- Enjoying a "spot of tea" on a picnic table - under the shade, of course!
- Extended play in our mud kitchen - so much fun!
- Gardening on our side hill - planting Mums for the fall.

Have a wonderful evening!
The Extended Day Team

Tuesday September 27, 2016

Today in Extended Day we continued activities planned around our focus book, "May I Bring a Friend" . Some of the choices included:
 -creating a friendship tree together using our painted handprints for the leaves
-attending a tea party.... with animals!
 -Singing a song about going to the zoo. Click on the link to sing a long.......
 Have a great evening! Extended Day Team

Monday September 26, 2016

This week's focus book is May I Bring A Friend by Beatrice DeReginers. In the story, a child is invited to a tea party at the castle and he asks to bring a friend. He brings a giraffe. Each day, the king and queen invite the child to a different meal or snack, and each day the child brings a new animal.

Today's activities included:

- creating royal crowns

- making up stories with the play castles and animals

Thursday September 22, 2016

Today was our outside day in Extended Day.  We stayed on the playground and enjoyed our activities outside. 

Some of the choices included:

-playing soccer in the field next to the playground
-building with the Imagination Playground - we added our garden hose to the structure and watched the water flow through the structure
-participating in water relay games
-drawing with dry chalk and wet chalk 

Our focus book next week is......."May I Bring a Friend?"  by Beatrice DeReginers

Have a great weekend!

Extended Day Team

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Hello to our Extended Day Families!

Today we enjoyed:
- Creating original artwork at the art and writing center
- Using our imaginations while playing with cars and a garage
- Using water colors to paint shapes
- Collaborating together to play the board game, "Orchard".

Have a great evening! The Extended Day Teachers

Tuesday September 20, 2016
Today in Extended Day we continued to spread smiles and kindness while remembering the little girl in our story, "One Smile".

Some of the choices included:
-playing with the cars and garages
-building with domino people and watching the chain reaction when one is knocked down
-drawing about something that make us smile....some of the answers included: playing with my sister, myself, playing with my friends and eggs! :)
-pretending with families in the doll houses

Monday September 19, 2016
This week's focus book, One Smile by Cindy McKinley, is a beautiful story about how one little girl's smile caused a chain reaction of acts of kindness that eventually found their way back to the little girl and her family. The activities that supported the story today included:

- adding different colored links to make a long chain.
- putting together Family Puzzles.
- making pictures with colored pencils and stickers.
- sharing stickers with friends around the room.

The Green Room Doctor's Office was open in Dramatic Play.

At singing time we practiced one of our favorite Children's School songs. Listen to the song here:

Love Grows One By One - YouTube

Thursday September 15, 2016
Hello Extended Day families, This year we are planning on taking one day a week to have our activities OUTSIDE. Today was that day! Our Outdoor activities were: -throwing frisbees on the hillside -drawing with chalk -using the water pump -making patterns with buttons Next week our focus book will be 'One Smile' by Cindy McKinley Have a wonderful weekend! 
The Extended Day Team

Tuesday September 13, 2016
Today in Extended Day we continued activities planned around our focus book, "Corduroy Goes to School" by Don Freeman. Some of the choices included, 
-painting at an easel ( similar to Corduroy) 
-practicing pouring and observing measurements "whole" and "half" -building with blocks and small counting bears 
-hiding bears in magnetic tile structures 
-playing a hide the button circle game while singing, "Shoemaker, Shoemaker" 
-reading stories in the Library Center See everyone tomorrow!

Monday September 12, 2016
Hello Families! 
Welcome to the Extended Day daily mail! The Green Room friends had a successful orientation week last week, and today we welcomed the Red and Blue Room Extended Day friends to our program. After Circle Time our new friends got to join in on some activities in the Green Room. Then we all sang some songs together and enjoyed lunch. This week's focus book is Corduroy Goes To School by Don Freeman. In this story, Corduroy experiences many activities that the Children's School friends do in a day at school. 

The activities in the Green Room today included: 
- playing with different colored bears, plank blocks and cube blocks. 
- searching for matching pictures of Corduroy on a Scavenger Hunt. 
- coloring with fancy multi-colored crayons. 
- practicing using scissors. 

The Doll House, Cars, Dramatic Play Kitchen, and Library Center were all open. 

Thank you for being patient with all of the routines of our day at school. We know that they are new to many of you, and we will all get used to them soon! For safety and to allow us to finish our Extended day time together, please wait in the hallway beyond the Kindergarten Door for your child if you are picking them up inside. Also remember that the car line may be long for a while until we all get the hang of it! We are excited for the wonderful year ahead with your children! 

The Extended Day Team > Mrs. Loomis, Mrs. Opferman, Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Bird


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Animals in Winter




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