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 Why? And Try! 

You may wonder why we do certain things in the classroom. This page may answer some of your questions and give you some suggestions on what you can try at home.



Why do we have classroom jobs

Every Day in the Green Room, the children are responsible for doing their jobs.  Some of our classroom jobs include: snack helper, calendar helper, weather helper, plant helper, line leader, caboose (end of the line), mat passer, and sweeper.  Classroom jobs encourage responsibility, give the children a sense of accomplishment, and promote teamwork and cooperation skills.  The classroom jobs also support our six learning goals.

1. Self-esteem and Independence- The children feel a sense of pride in accomplishing a task and are independently responsible for completing their daily job.

2. Interaction and Cooperation- The classroom jobs help promote the children's social skills, as well as adult and peer interactions.  Snack helper is a cooperative job in which children from all three circle groups work together to distribute napkins, cups, plates and snack.

3. Communication- The children practice oral communication skills as the weather person reports the weather and the line leader calls each friend into line.  The calendar helper practices written communication by writing the weather word, day of the week and number.

4. Discovery and Exploration- Observation skills help the plant helper determine the amount of water needed for the plant.  The weather helper observes and predicts the patterns in the weather.

5. Physical Capabilities / Health & Safety-  The mat passer builds large motor skills by carrying the mats to circle and then returning them to the pile afterwards.  The sweeper also practices large motor skills by using a broom and dust pan.

6. Artistic Expression and Appreciation- Calendar and weather songs help us reinforce artistic expression and appreciation.  Even the children's creative napkin folding as they set the tables for snack has allowed them to incorporate their artistic expression! 



Try incorporating jobs at home!

Helping others promotes a higher self esteem and can increase academic and social skills.  Allow your child to contribute to your family by incorporating some jobs at home.  Ask your children what their favorite job is at school and try to incorporate that job at home.  Some suggestions would be:

-help feed your pet 

-put dirty clothes in a basket

-dust with socks on each hand 

-water garden/plants

-put away toys 

-pull weeds in your yard 

-help set the table for dinner 

-sort clean laundry (separate socks from the rest of the laundry and match them)

-choose clothes for the next day 

-bring in mail/newspaper

These responsibilities will increase academic and social skills, help develop children's self esteem and we hope, lighten your work load!! 

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